The Christine Hyatt Service Award

Established in 1997 and renamed in 2006 to honor chapter member Christine Hyatt, this service award recognizes members who have given outstanding support to HCRW.

Heart of Carolina loves our volunteers! We hope you’ll consider taking an active role in the chapter. Join the communications or programming committees, help plan special events, or run for office and be part of strategic planning. For more information, please see an officer at a regular meeting or contact the President at [email protected].

Past Winners

1997    Christine Hyatt
1998    Sarah Winn
1999    Emilie Rose
2000    Merle Finch
2001    Angie Narron
2002    Sabrina Jeffries
2003    Renae Hand
2004    Jeannie Dees
2006    Elizabeth Fensin
2007    Sonja Foust
2008    Lynne Scoggins
2009    Marcia Abercrombie, Katharine Ashe
2010    Beth Caudill
2011    Jennifer Delamere
2012    Ava Stone
2013    Deb Marlowe
2014    Olivia Kelly
2015    Andris Bear, Susi Nonnemacher
2016    No award issued
2017    Merle Finch
2018    Linda Johnston


Interested in volunteering? Please contact the Chapter President.