HCRW Events and Meetings

OCTOBER 1-25, 2019

Workshop: Horses – What do you do when a horse shows up in your story?

Instructor: Kathryn Jane

October 1-25

Cost: $35

What do you do when a horse shows up in your story? Do you panic? Hit the brakes? Inform her she can’t have a horse?  Not if you take this course filled with basic horsemanship, in-depth equine knowledge, critical terminology and a bonus list of don’ts to save you from looking like a rooky and making readers toss your book at a wall.

Presenter KATHRYN JANE has extensive experience riding in the show ring, on the racetrack, over jumps, cross-country chasing cattle, training horses and assisting veterinarians.


Instructor Bio:  Author of page-turning, Romantic Suspense, Women’s Fiction, and Short Stories about feral cats, Kathryn Jane takes readers to places they’d like to live and introduces them to characters they will end up loving.

     Fulfilling her passion for education Kathryn presents workshops for both aspiring and accomplished writers and covers a broad spectrum of subjects.  In her spare time (she says laughing), Kat loves spreading kindness and joy to family, friends, and strangers alike.


November: 1-25, 2019

Workshop: Naked and Lost:

Instructor: Suzanne Johnson

Cost: $30


NAKED AND LOST: Use Narrative, Setting, and Description to Both Show AND Tell

This three-week workshop will get deep and dirty into what is often considered anathema in today’s “show, don’t tell” writing world—setting, description, and narrative. We’ll dig deep into our own WIPs, finished manuscripts, or favorite novels to see how we can use narrative, setting, and description to deepen our characters’ POVs, help our readers know them better, immerse readers into the worlds we’re building—even if they’re in small-town USA. We’ll also look at continuity, pacing, and visual tricks to help us keep track of time and place so that no one’s getting lost and naked (unless, of course, we want them to be). Roll up your sleeves and get ready to become worldbuilders, architects, fashion designers, and timekeepers.

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