HCRW - What is Conflict?

Conflict is what keeps someone reading or watching your work from start to finish. But how do you set up conflict throughout your script or story pages without slowing the pace or being repetitive? Join this interactive class where you’ll explore internal and external conflict, and: - Sharpen your awareness of conflict in the work of others (if you see it, you can do it!). Discover different ways to diagnose “flat” scenes. - Strengthen your understanding of the changing layers of conflict in the three-act structure (conflict isn’t the same on page 1 as page 50). - Which can be used to develop conceptual conflict journeys for your characters. - Employ learning into your key scenes.

About the Instructor

Melinda Curtis, an award-winning USA Today bestseller of over 35 romances, is a writing craft geek. Before turning to writing as a career, she worked with a cultural anthropologist and a marketing psychologist on how to create more compelling packaging at the shelf. One class short of a psychology minor, Melinda believes that "knowing more about what makes people tick can add depth to your writing."

4/5/2021 - 4/30/2021

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